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African American Studies
University of Mississippi

Career Outlook

Dr. Johnson lectures


The vocational outlook for the African American Studies specialist is a bright one. African American Studies minors are well suited for urban and community planning and for positions in industry and public service institutions. Teachers with such a background are in demand in secondary schools throughout the nation—in black studies, history, literature, and social studies. The background of information, skills, and attitudes obtained in African American Studies fits one for entrance into law school and many other professional programs. Majors may continue their particular interest as graduate students in political science, history, English, psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and even business and in some areas of the natural and physical sciences. An African American Studies major will enhance any vocation or profession with a thorough understanding of the central themes of the African American experience. The program offers courses, a major and a minor that are especially appropriate for students with a developed interest in the field. For students who pursue careers having substantial contact with African Americans, with other ethnic and cultural groups, or with other nationalities, the major or minor will be valuable assets.

African American Studies Program at the University of Mississippi is a growing endeavor. We hope you will join in the excitement created by the interdisciplinary focus we bring to the University. Our future and your future will be much brighter when you do.